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Immigrants top native born in U.S. job hunt

Immigrants have gained hundreds of thousands of jobs since the Great Recession is said to have ended, while U.S.-born workers lost more than a million jobs, according to a study released Friday.

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Why Your Resume Should Not Be ‘I’ Based»

Is your resume replete with statements such as “I did this” or “I did that”? If yes, remove the I-based statements as they are exactly what employers don’t want to see in a resume. An I-based resume is a big turnoff to recruiting managers. Instead of focusing on ‘I’, use words such as ‘saved’, ‘led’, [...]

Important Resume Tips For Students»

As a college student, you may find preparing a resume challenging, but it is one task that you must do well. A good resume can get you plenty of interview calls, so make use of the following tips and send a dazzling resume to your prospective employers. 1.       List qualifications summary on the top Are [...]

Top 5 Resume Mistakes by College Students»

After reading your cover letter, the employer or hiring manager goes to your resume. The purpose of your resume is to present them with enough information about your education and professional background to get them interested in interviewing you. Naturally, many students mess this up and don’t even reach the interview.

Top 5 Job Application Mistakes by College Students»

No one was born with the knowledge and skills to be a successful job applicant. These things can only be obtained through experience. A little bit of advice goes a long way too! These are the top 5 mistakes which I’ve noticed in job applications from college students and recent grads.