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Top 5 Resume Mistakes by College Students

After reading your cover letter, the employer or hiring manager goes to your resume. The purpose of your resume is to present them with enough information about your education and professional background to get them interested in interviewing you. Naturally, many students mess this up and don’t even reach the interview.

  1. Are you a print designer? Unless you are, do not create your resume from scratch. Find free resume templates online and use their layout. A resume with poor layout won’t even get read. Make sure that you are working with a clean layout which is intuitive to read and has a professional look. Twirls are not advised.
  2. Do not go in too much detail. This is not your autobiography. You need to list your degrees and positions with a moderate level of detail. More specific questions will be asked at the interview.
  3. If you are pasting your resume inside the email, rather than attaching it, make sure it will still look good. Very often the text will lose too much of its formatting and will not be readable because of wrong positioning. You can save your resume as a TXT file and make sure that it looks good. You can then copy the contents of the TXT into the email  without a problem.
  4. Watch out for too much personal information. It’s valuable to know that you were the chairman of a club in college, but a hobby such as “Following celebrity and political scandals” is far from relevant. Unless you are applying for a job at a magazine maybe?
  5. Lack of credibility. Whenever possible, include a specific detail about a position or your duties which will prove that you really were doing what you did. Saying that you gained “Social media experience” means nothing, everyone has a Facebook profile… “Maintained the corporate Facebook and Twitter accounts at and” is a bit more specific and shows that you were involved to a certain level.

Follow these simple tips and continue to make your own findings as you go. Comparing resumes with your peers will keep you competitive. Asking a friend to read your resume is a great way to fix some mistakes which you missed before. Reading your resume without any previous knowledge about yourself should be just as informative and clear as it sounds to you.

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