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Why Your Resume Should Not Be ‘I’ Based

Is your resume replete with statements such as “I did this” or “I did that”? If yes, remove the I-based statements as they are exactly what employers don’t want to see in a resume.

An I-based resume is a big turnoff to recruiting managers. Instead of focusing on ‘I’, use words such as ‘saved’, ‘led’, ‘trained, ‘generated’, as illustrated in the following examples:

  1. Saved $10,000 on expenditures…”

  2. Led the implementation of new technology that improved productivity by 23%…”

  3. Trained a team of 100 new off-shore employees…”

  4. Generated a 15% increase in the company’s overall revenue….”

The following tips show you how to tell employers what they want to hear and increase your chances of selection:

What the employers wants is what matters

What you want is only your concern- the employers are not concerned with that. Instead, employers are solely concerned with what they want and whether you can provide them what they want.

So, do away with any references, whether explicit or implicit, such as “I want this…” in your resume. Instead, first understand the requirement of the company, and then demonstrate how you can give the employer what he/she wants.

Hiring experts state that candidates must realize that if they give the employer what he/she wants, they will invariably get what they want. So, always focus on the employer’s needs and how you can contribute and never on your needs.

Employers don’t want employees who are too self-involved

Today, all companies have the ‘we’ culture. Employers want employees who can work in a team. This is why it is necessary that you demonstrate your ability to work in a team in your resume.

Highlight only the key achievements in each job

When preparing a resume always remember this fact: managers rarely, if ever, read every word written in a resume. Instead they scan resumes and take note of only the key points. So, keep your resume short and only list your key achievements in each job on your resume. Most people will not have any difficulty keeping their resume to one page if they follow this tip, according to resume experts.

Some people have an amazingly prolific career and may find it difficult to include all the high points of their career in one page. The solution, in such cases, is to list only 3-4 most important achievements for each job and include a postscript stating something like, “If you want to know more on ABC, please read the attached addendum”. Attach an addendum with your resume that recruiting manager can read if he/she is interested in knowing more about your achievements.  Since you are likely to to writing a resume look online as there are tons of sites like with tons of resumes examples to draw from on what to focus on.

Quantify your achievements

You should never use general statements for describing achievements such as “Implemented a new business strategy that substantially increased the company’s profit.” Instead, you must always quantify your achievements. The above statement reads better when you say, “Implemented a new business strategy which led to $200,000 increase in overall profits.”

Make use of these tips, and we are sure that you will start getting more calls for interviews than before. 

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